Website Monitoring and Protection Plan

Due to the increased need for website monitoring, I am now offering a website monitoring package. This package will help protect your site against hacks and malware as well as keep your site current and effective. Hacking is a real problem that can cause a lot of havoc on your online presence!

If I am providing your hosting, I strongly recommend this service, as any sites that get hacked will be quarantined and pulled offline for security. I have done pieces of this for previous clients as a favor, but my workload will not allow me to do so anymore.

Along with peace of mind, here are the details of what you will get with this service:

  1. Website Firewall (WAF) – this is the first line of defense against hackers.
  2. Regular File Scans – file scans will be done to check for malicious code and corrupt files. Files will be cleaned and corrected quickly when found (for no extra fee).
  3. I.P. Blocking – known hack attempts will be blocked from future access to your site.
  4. Regular Site and Plugin Updates – your WordPress version and plugins will be kept up-to-date for increased security.
  5. Regular Backups – your site will be backed up regularly. This will allow your site to be restored should something break. If you are subscribed to this plan, your site will be restored for no cost from a backup should your site be hacked.
  6. Blacklist Monitoring – constant checks to see if your domain is being used by someone else for SPAM or other blacklist reasons. Should your site be blacklisted, I will help you clean your reputation.
  7. Broken Link Check – your site will be checked monthly for any broken or outdated links that may be posted on your site. You will receive a report if broken links exist.
  8. Optimized for Speed – with changing browser requirements, sites can become slow over time. Your site will be reviewed and corrected to make sure it meets standards for optimum speed.
  9. SEO Check – your site will be checked regularly to make sure it meets current SEO requirements (this is different from an SEO-optimization package).
  10. 30 minutes of my time for any needed content “tweaks” on your site each month. This would be updates like changes to text, uploading files, etc.

If paying monthly, this service would cost $25/month*. As this is a new service, I am giving previous and current web clients an opportunity to pay for their first year at a 50% discount – a onetime payment of $150 for 12 months. To purchase this level of service elsewhere, you would have to pay over $650/year!

If you want to take advantage of the discount, please let me know by October 12 that you will be purchasing this plan. You can email or fill out this form.

Brandon Heckler

*Prices may be revised in the future as this is a new service. You will be updated if any changes are to be made.